The ABC’s of Real Estate


THE ABC’S OF REAL ESTATE – For years real estate trainers have taught agents to put buyers into 3 categories depending on their urgency. An “A” buyer was one who was ready, willing and able and wanted to buy right now. A “B” buyer was one who would be ready in the next 30 to 90 days. A “C” buyer was typically one who is 6 months to a year away from being able to purchase a home. All three are good leads, they just have to be treated differently. The key with all of these types of buyers is doing the activities to stay in touch with them so you will be their REALTOR® of choice when they are ready to buy.

There is also another rating system for REALTORS® that deals with the daily activities of an agent. Remember, activity begets activity, therefore if you are not out there doing activities everyday, you will see no activity come your way. Hey that rhymes!

Anyway, for agents there are 4 primary “A” activities that will actually make you money.

  1. Working with a Buyer
  2. Working with a Seller
  3. Negotiating a contract
  4. Prospecting and lead generation

In the “B” category you have some of the following activities:

  1. Working on your systems
  2. Marketing yourself and your listings
  3. Tracking the timelines on your listings, contracts and escrows
  4. Tracking your sales, expenses and market trends

Finally you have “C” activities that would include some of the following:

  1. Learning to use the software and programs you need to use on a daily basis
  2. Learn to use new software’s and programs that can increase your prospecting and sales activities
  3. Work to obtain professional designations
  4. Attend state, national and franchise conventions
  5. Attend seminars and training classes on a regular basis

So there you have it, the ABC’s of real estate. I hope you will take these to heart and as you look at your calendar each week, make sure you have activities in all of the categories penciled in. Concentrate on the “A” activities because they are the ones that will make you money. By staying focused on these primary activities you will be making the best use of your time and your resources.

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